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Ken Fibbe


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Ken Fibbe is a passionate advocate for the power of AI technology. His love for AI is evident in his approach to the pace, capabilities, and potential of this transformative technology. Ken’s expertise, honed at Autodesk, is rooted in utilizing AI and other tools to streamline business processes, thereby saving time and money for both the company and its clients. His achievements include saving millions of dollars and thousands of hours, a testament to his efficiency and strategic thinking.

With a background as a Senior Client Advisor and AI Strategist, Ken has a rich experience in leveraging AI in various business sectors. His work has not just been about implementation but also about envisioning and executing strategies that bring tangible benefits. This aspect of his work is further highlighted by his successful stint as a Tech and AI Reporter and his significant role in co-founding TackleHack, where he implemented pre-launch business strategies and fostered growth in a niche market.

At DXD Entertainment, Ken's versatility shone through, as he engaged in diverse roles, from business development to production. His ability to adapt and excel in different settings showcases his dynamic leadership style and deep understanding of various business operations.

Ken’s role at Metamind Solutions extends beyond traditional CEO duties. He is a visionary, pushing the boundaries of AI application in business, ensuring Metamind stays ahead in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. His passion for AI and strategic approach make him an invaluable asset, steering Metamind towards new heights of innovation and operational efficiency.

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