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Justin Headley

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Justin Headley, Chief Systems Architect & Lead AI Developer at MetaMind Solutions, is a technological and artificial intelligence powerhouse. His journey began at the University of Alabama, where he excelled in Computer Engineering and Mathematics, laying the groundwork for a significant career.

Justin is best known for establishing the Alabama Astrobotics program, a forward-thinking venture that creates robotic excavators for NASA's Robotic Mining Competition. The team won five national championships under his direction, a testament to his leadership and technical prowess.

In his professional life, Justin has led projects as a Software Engineer at and Monroe Institute, focusing on front-end and back-end solutions for web applications. His knowledge of open-source projects, AI, and machine learning demonstrates his versatility and forward-thinking approach.


Justin is responsible for the development of cutting-edge AI systems at MetaMind Solutions. His entrepreneurial spirit and ability to thrive in difficult environments have resulted in ground-breaking solutions that use technology for global good. He believes strongly in human potential and collaborates closely with teams who share his vision for a tech-driven, impactful future.


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