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Jane Li

Chief Strategic Officer / Advisor

Jane Li is a business consultant and strategist who lives in the Vancouver area. She coaches people to do their best at work and cares a lot about helping people live longer, healthier lives. Jane likes to use smart computer programs to make work easier for everyone.

She works with different kinds of businesses, including tech and health companies, and even schools. Jane is really good at helping businesses set up the way they work and making sure they follow rules, especially when they need to fix big problems. She’s great at looking at the big picture and finding things that others might not see.

At BCIT and the University of British Columbia, Jane teaches and shares her knowledge. She’s started her own company, ImpactCreators, where she helps business owners make plans that really make a difference. Before that, she led teams at different health organizations in Vancouver and helped them work better.

Jane believes that when people at work feel safe and happy, they do a great job. She’s also worked as a nurse, so she knows how to take care of people and make sure they get the best care. She's all about helping businesses and their people be the best they can be.

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