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Christer Keith Umali

Christer Umali

Founder & Managing Partner

Christer brings a wealth of 17 years of varied business experience to the table, focusing on innovative solutions.  He is highly skilled and talented in business planning and decision-making, adding significant value to any project he undertakes. His expertise includes 5 years in managing virtual assistant services, where he excelled in leading remote teams and leveraging technology to enhance services.

His extensive 12-year background in business process outsourcing has equipped him with a deep understanding of global business trends and how to achieve operational excellence. Before co-founding MetaMind Solutions, Christer was a Key Project Manager in a major U.S. company, specializing in medical office real estate. In this role, he displayed outstanding skills in planning and executing complex projects.


Now, at MetaMind Solutions, Christer is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence with virtual assistant services. His objective is to enhance business processes by doubling their efficiency and accuracy, thereby setting new standards in the industry.

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