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Asli Kahraman

Lead Generation Strategist

Asli Kahraman, Co-Founder of Smart Gen Co. and Lead Generation Strategist at MetaMind Solutions, is a business consultant and lead generation powerhouse. Asli's transition into the business world is marked by a blend of legal expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, owing to her background as an ex-corporate lawyer.

She leads innovative lead generation strategies for B2B clients in Canada and the United States at Smart Gen Co. Asli's approach is unique in that she focuses on hyper-local, result-driven tactics that produce tangible results, ensuring clients receive exclusive leads in their service areas.

As the owner of AK Services Inc., Asli Kahraman brings her expertise in business consulting, startup mentoring, and operations management to the forefront. She excels at guiding businesses through their growth and transformation phases in this role. Her work here demonstrates her diverse skills and her well-known ability to lead organizations to success.

Asli uses her strategic prowess in lead generation at MetaMind Solutions, combining her rich background in law and business to drive client success. Her professional journey has been marked by agility, adaptability, and a persistent pursuit of excellence. Asli isn't just interested in generating leads; she's also interested in building long-term relationships and fostering business growth.

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