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Aldridge Dagos

Founder & Managing Partner

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Aldridge has over ten years of solid experience in business support and leadership. He succeeds at transforming complex data into clear, effective business strategies and leading teams to exceed their objectives. His strong leadership is all about creating digital change, generating new ideas, and inspiring teams to work diligently.

He excels at managing multiple projects at once while paying close attention to the smallest of details. His work is based on a combination of firsthand experience and careful planning. This combination allows him to excel at bringing new ideas to life in the digital world. His work at MetaMind Solutions is about more than just managing day-to-day tasks; it is about ensuring the company's long-term success.

Aldridge enjoys art and technology outside of his main career. He possesses a diverse set of skills, including lead generation, marketing, SEO, web development, video editing, and graphic design. These additional skills complement his creative approach to business, making him a dynamic and forward-thinking leader.

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